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Join Us

Monthly - Second Friday
1pm - 2pm

Alexander City Senior Center
2054 Sportplex Blvd
Alexander City, Alabama 35010
Point of Contact: Ms. Corley Holt, 1.256.329.2910

Programs and Topics

Support Group Meeting

Our meeting agenda alternates monthly. One month we'll have a program with a speaker focused on a specific topic such as medicine alternatives for treating Parkinson's. The next month, we'll have a sharing session whereby a facilitator will go around the room asking if anyone has anything (related to fighting Parkinson's) to share, or if anyone has any burning questions they wish to ask of the group. If approached with proper respect, these sharing sessions can be extremely informative... perhaps the core mission of any support group.  A tentative schedule of program topics is listed below for the year 2024.

Tentative Meeting Schedule for 2024

July 12:  Exercise

August 9:  Sharing Session  

September 13:  Sleep

October 11:  Sharing Session

November 8:  Balance

December 13:  Sharing Session

Tentative Meeting Schedule for 2025

January 10: Dementia

February 14: Sharing Session

March 14: Caregiving

April 11: Sharing Session

May 9:  Emotional / Psychological

June 13: Sharing Session

July 11: Surgical Interventions

August 8: Sharing Session

September 12: Nutrition

October 10: Sharing Session

November 14: Estate Planning

December 12: Sharing Session        

Annual Dues

We are a non-profit organization with a legal 501(c)3 certification from the IRS including an official Federal Tax ID number: 93-4295280. One of our objectives is to raise funds for Parkinson's research and support our needs to host events and meetings. We could possibly even directly help someone related to Parkinson's (PD patient, caregiver, etc.) who in need as voted on by the leadership team. Our only source of income is to charge dues on an annual basis in the amount of $25. Our fiscal year coincides with the calendar year. Therefore, annual dues will be requested on January 1st of each year. If someone joins in the middle of the year, dues will not be prorated. 

Current annual dues are $25 per member.

Caregivers are free to attend with the member who has Parkinson's. We respect & appreciate our caregivers. This is one way of showing it. Caregivers are encouraged to actively participate in every meeting. Most likely once a year, we will dedicate one of our sharing sessions to caregiving. Such a meeting often involves two simultaneous breakout sessions, and sometimes we may bring both groups together at the end to debrief, which has proven to be extraordinarily productive.

Meeting Facility
We will have the ability to accept online payments soon as noted below. Until then, you may make your payment for your annual dues by cash or check in the amount of $25. Renewals will be accepted annually on January 1st. Annual memberships are not prorated based on when you join. Make checks payable to Lake Martin Parkinson's Support Group. You can pay when attending the meeting.

Annual Dues

  • Annual Dues

    Every year
    Annual Dues for Lake Martin Parkinson Support Group
    • Annual dues in the amount of $25 are due January 1st.
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