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Our Mission

Educational Programming for Parkinson's and Camraderie on the PD Journey

We, the Lake Martin Parkinson's Support Group, convene monthly to learn all we can about Parkinson's disease (PD) and how to live with it. We do this in two fundamental ways:

  1. We host programs (typically presentations by a PD expert) covering various aspects of PD, such as what is PD medically and how it impacts us, various medications and surgical treatments applicable to PD, clinical trials and research studies, and caregiving tips. Each program is structured with an opportunity to ask questions from the corresponding expert.

  2. We share with each other what has worked well and perhaps not well for us along the PD journey. Through this process, we hope to develop relationships with our peers which can be supportive in times of need.

The ultimate goal is to help each other live more comfortably with Parkinson's, slow (maybe even stop) progression of symptoms, and experience peace through support of fellow brothers and sisters with similar challenges on the PD journey.

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