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Regional and State
Parkinson's Organizations 

The state of Alabama is served by three dedicated organizations and associations for individuals living with Parkinson's and their care partners. Each of these organizations work to provide local programming, support and movement group opportunities, educational support and resources, and fundraising initiatives. You are encouraged to become familiar with each organization.

Parkinson's Foundation - Gulf Coast Chapter

Gulf Coast PF Logo

President: Steve Sain

Director: Stacey Faber



Parkinson's Foundation Gulf Coast makes life better for people with Parkinson's disease (PD) by improving care and advancing research towards a cure. Whether you are newly diagnosed with PD or have been managing it for years, are a care partner, family member or friend of someone with PD, we are here to help you.

American Parkinson Disease Association
Alabama Information and Referral Center


Medical Director: David Standaert, MD, PhD

Program Coordinators: Laura Lieb, CRNP, MPH; Brooklyn White


Call: 1.205.934.9100

The Parkinson Disease Information and Referral Center, located at University of Alabama Birmingham Department of Neurology was established by the American Parkinson Disease Association in 1978. This center serves as a resource for those with Parkinson's disease and their loved ones as well as healthcare providers. Patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and the greater community can receive support regardless of their affiliation with the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine.

APDA Alabama Team

Parkinson Association of Alabama, Inc.

PAA :Logo

President: Clarence Pouncey

Executive Director: Bibby Bailey


Call: 1.833.473.5465

Since its founding in 1978, the Parkinson Association of Alabama (PAA) has been dedicated to one mission: improving the quality of life for patients, caregivers and families affected by Parkinson's disease in the state of Alabama. You want and deserve a cure. We work to find one. We host fundraising events and provide opportunities for corporate sponsorships to develop funding opportunities that support targeted research which remains local to the state of Alabama, supporting our academic universities and centers for excellence in Parkinson's research. We connect those on the journey with PD and their care partners by fostering a community of safety and empathy to contribute to an improved quality of life for everyone affected by Parkinson's with support groups, educational forums, personal connections and community events.

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